Oral intervention by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies CIHRS and the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies DCHRS


18th Special Session of the Human Rights Council
“on the situation of human rights in theSyrianArabRepublic”
2 December 2011
Oral intervention by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies CIHRS and the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies DCHRS

Delivered by: Radwan Ziadeh

Last April, the Human Rights Council (HRC) convened in a special session on Syria, at which time the number of Syrian martyrs killed during the peaceful demonstrations had reached almost 600 victims.  The Council met again in August, at which time the number of victims had risen to 2600.   Today we meet here in the Council yet again, and the number of martyrs has risen to over 4000.

I do not believe that it is the job of the HRC to simply monitor the number of victims who fall in one of the member states of the United Nations, but rather to take all necessary measures to put an immediate stop to the continuous bloodshed and to protect civilians from a regime that has lost all of its legitimacy and turned into a gang that scorns the killing of civilians, carries out mass executions, and tortures children and innocent civilians to death, as has been described in the report of the Independent International Commission which has been presented before you.

Pain wrenches the heart of every Syrian as s/he witnesses the daily killings and the fall of martyrs, and it increases as s/he sees the international community watching on without taking the necessary procedures to refer the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity to the International Criminal Court.  Indeed, the report of the Commission of Experts – which was not allowed by the government of Syria to enter the country – clearly states that what has occurred in Syria amounts to Crimes Against Humanity.

Today, every city in Syria – from Homs to Dera’a to Idlib and Deir Ezzour –  suffers from retribution that targets all innocent civilians, aiming to punish them for their participation in the peaceful demonstrations.

I hope that the days do not merely pass, as they have passed so painfully for Syrians thus far, until the number of martyrs reaches ten thousand victims and we meet once again to return and repeat the same words.  At that time, the HRC will have no remaining credibility in the eyes of Syrians.  Moreover, its failure will have been written before the whole world, which allows massacres to be committed before its very eyes and suffices with merely looking on.

Thank you…

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